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The VST Plugins::
Bare in mind, that Reason 9.5 and later supports plugins in the VST2 (2.4) format. The VSTs also have to be 64-bit.
Note that VST3 plugins are not supported, and neither are 32-bit VST plugins. Also, VSTs that output MIDI are not supported in Reason.

So yeah, never say never - the Props added audio in back in the days, even they claimed they'll never do so and the same happened for the VST-support as well. It's all good though, because now people have a freedom to use their favorite VSTs  inside of Reason, just like all the other DAWs as well.. After all the VST-format is the biggest and the oldest plugin format, that is the industry number one in the plugin world.

By the way, Reason 10.3. was an update that optimized the Reason's performance. This made Reason to be able to handle shitloads of more VSTs, than before. Cool!
My benchmark test proved that Reason can now handle 200% or even more devices in the Reason. Yay!

Anyway, here's a Video about the VSTs in Reason:

IDesignSound just published a list of 400+ free VST plugins that can be used with reason. Check it out here: https://www.idesignsound.com/best-free-vst/
The Reason veterans all remember how the Propellerheads always stated, that Reason won't never get VST support. But in the April 28, 2017 it all changed as in the this day they announced Reason 9.5 point update, that added a VST support. This update was free for all the Reason 9 owners.
In the latest release, i.e. Reason 11 - Reason became a VSTi/VST - Plugin, so you can load a Reason Rack inside any DAW that supports VSTs. Please check the official video about that below.
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