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The Propellerheads' Recycle::
What is the Propellerheads Recycle and what does it do?

Well simply put, it can slice an audio into the slices, so you can then trigger it's slices and re-arrange the loop and also making the loop being in a tempo, when slowing or speeding up the song-tempo (if sliced correctly).

Some users use lots of sampling and this is where you might want to use Recycle. After slicing your audio, just export it as a .rx2 and load it into the Reason's Rex Player. TIP: If you play your sliced loop back in Recycle, then always check, if it also sounds 'right' in a slower or faster tempo, by speeding and slowing the tempo while the loop is playing back. Remember to change the tempo back to what it was, before you export the rex-file.
Check out the official Recycle video here:
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