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What is Reason and why it's one of the most bestest peace of software ever created? Well, you definately should try the DEMO out and see yourself, but... In a nutshell .. if you want to start making music with your computer and you want a strong starting to your new and exciting journey, to create music from the beginning to a finished audio, I'd strongly recommend the Propellerheads' Reason.

Why Reason? I could write a book about it that why, but I'm going to keep it as short as possible. It just is a whole new world by it's own, when you get into it and the strongest selling points of Reason simply 'work'. So if you want to make music, you propably want to be able to do it all, in a one single environment i.e. all your needs would be covered in a compact way. You also might want it to be easy to understand and use, right? Reason!

Anyway, lets start numbering out why you'd choose Reason and not some other DAW, (DAW = Digital Audio Workstation), to create music with:

1) The most logical workflow and layout is why I love it so much more than any other app. in comparison. It looks like a real hardware and behaves like that as well. It basically is a virtual hardware rack-studio inside your computer. And software doesn't require any space other than your computer takes, so..

2) Routing capabilities i.e. you can flip the rack around and route the cables like you can do with a real hardware as well. This opens up all kinds of cool ways to build up custom effects and instruments, by connecting cables from the devices to the other devices and come up with all kinds of cool endresults.

3) The sound. It sounds great and it has endless possibilities to sound however you want it to. It has no "soundengine" other than the framework, and it has a super-versatile set of tools out of the box, to begin with and you can expand any time, by buying more devices in either a Rack Extension and/or the VST format. The Propellerheads have stated that "Reason music can sound however you want it to" so..

4) One of the most bug-free programs for the audio needs. The Props are always taking their time to not rush with developing and coding Reason. The result = Reason behaves very stably and almost never crashes. Nobody likes a program that does that.

5) The users who use it, make a nice crowd of people and are in a big mission in taking appart from of it's evolution. Also, it's really cool how we are able to learn something new from eachothers i.e. sharing tricks and tips and of course - just hanging out as well.. And The Props are listening, what their users want in a feature-wise as well.

The major Reason features:

Audio In -
Plug in your mic, guitar etc. into your audio interface and play/record them into Reason.

Timestretch - You can speed or slow down your song and the timestretch makes your audio to follow.

Midi In: You can use External midi-gear to play, control and record midi into the sequncer.

Midi Out - You can send midi data to your hardware and loop/record it into the Reason.

Quantize Audio - This feature makes it possible to quantize your audio to make it to be more in time with the tempo.

Quantize Midi - Makes it possible to snap your midi recordings to the tempo in a timing wise.

Audio Slice/Comp/Pitch Editing - Edit your audio to Stretch, Combine multiple takes or Pitch Edit your audio.

Tempo Automating - Lets you to automate your song's tempo to slow or speed it up.
Search And Favorites - Search sounds and patches by a name helps you to find specified content from of your harddrives and ReFills. 'Favorites' lets you to store sounds and patches inside the "Favorite Folders".

Curved Automation - You can curve up automation to make the curves more rounded.

Reason As a Plugin - In the latest Reason, i.e. Reason 11, Reason became a VST/VSTi, which means that you can load the Reason's Rack inside any DAW that supports VST-Plugins. In the Reason 11.1 Reason Rack also became a AU-Plugin so you can now load it into Logic. And also, Reason 10.3. now supports AAX (Protools).

There's even lots and lots other features worth to name out, but the bestest way would be downloading a DEMO version of Reason and trying them out yourself really.


Not convinced yet? Download The Reason Trial to demo it out here:, pub-0445311970748285, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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