Using BV512 Vocoder to EQ

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Using BV512 Vocoder to EQ

Post by Heigen5 » Wed May 27, 2020 10:48 am

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As you all know, the BV512 Vocoder has an EQ mode there too.
I have started to use it for most of the sounds, as it's EQ-mode gives me a quick way to shape and kill certain kind of frequencies.
I usually use the 4-8 band modes to do that.

I have started to use it because it is a very efficient way to find a good shape for the sounds. And also, by killing some of the bands to ground-zero, makes it possible to make certain sounds dominate in their own specific frequency range.
I also use PEQ-2 one (the red ol' good EQ) - because it's so straight forwardly simple to use.

Even though there is a SSL EQ as well I prefer to not use it that oftenly.
And I also have the Synapse GQ-7 one, and this one is my choice when I want to get a smooth sound.

Anyway, if you start to use certain kind of devices as your usual way to go - you'll get a routine in the mixing and get a clear vision and understanding over the tools. And this makes it possible for you to focus into the songwriting and producing side then.


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