A new jam!

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A new jam!

Post by ShuperPowersh » Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:25 pm

Hello all!
Im back with another tune for your critique..
Ive been experimenting with adding a little HAAS style widening and a few free vsts I found to try and help my sub_bass frequencies stick out a little more..

as usual, any and all feedback and notes are encouraged!

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Re: A new jam!

Post by Heigen5 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:40 pm

Hello, nice to have you back!

My thoughts are these:

The song has some cool sounding synths and nice rhythm. If I would be you I'd learn to build and split your song elements into different kind of sections, you know, intro, main section, bridge, chorus etc. Right now you have everything playing in row and at the same time. You might want to wear a 'producer hat' on and try to make this tube being more produced.

The elements themself have lots of potential IMO. The saying "less is more" means you have less stuff at the same time to make certain stuff stand out. So I'd practice that.

Also you could add some dropdowns and buildup fx - fade ins/outs and other bling bling. Your song is very busy atm.
But otherwise you've done great job.

Also, in mixing wise you have lots of bassy sounds which makes the track fighting in those frequencies.
Hope this helps! 8-)

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