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The Forum Rules (Please Read)

Post by Heigen5 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 1:00 pm

The General Rules::

The rules are really simple really and I'm pretty sure, that most people using forums, pretty much already know the general demands, when being a member on a public community. Don't spam, don't post porn, respect the other members, be nice .... You get the picture, right??

Anyway, I hope we work out the bestest place to hang out at and I'm ready to be a captain for that journey. If you want to be a moderator or just help me related to this forum, then please get in touch via a PM, please.
All the suggestions are also welcome by all of you - If I like your suggestion, I might do something about it then.

7th March 2019 was a date, when I returned the site back n up again.
Now, I'm gonna need to keep working on this place.
It's time to celebrate as Reason Users all around the world have a neat place to hang out at.

I wouldn't mind if you'd spread the word about this place and invite your friends to join as well.
:superparty: :slay2: :slayer2: :jamming: :leave:

Reasonheads is BACK AGAIN!

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