What kind of Speakers you use?

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What kind of Speakers you use?

Post by Heigen5 » Tue Feb 02, 2021 3:43 am

I use Jbl LSR 305 ones.
Cheap, but pretty good for the money. They are having a pristine sound and serving me well.
I don't know what I'd buy as my next ones yet, but probably I'd pay at least 500€ then.

What do you have and how much did they cost?

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Re: What kind of Speakers you use?

Post by wushuman » Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:34 am


Munro Sonic Egg 150

Got a mad deal on a pair of these refurbed on ebay a few years ago

rrp was £2k, I think I paid about £500 for them

They sound amazing. And yeah the amp is part of the set dedicated to the passive speakers, great as a headphone amp too.

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