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Want an Official sub-forum for your Refill work?

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:07 pm
by Heigen5

If someone who makes Refills wants to have his/her own Refills Support Forum, then please send me a private message or contact me via my email: and I will set one up for you. :cool_4:

As you can see, my own Refill Sub Forum is already there, ( Dopetank ).
And I'm going to put them in the alphabetical order so people can find everything quickly.

The purpose of this idea is to make the Refill Devs to have an official support, discussion and promotion place for them.
This will be great for everyone I believe.

So yeah, just drop me a message and I'll organize this for you then. :refill:
I know this idea is the same as the KVR's but we don't have this kind of a place for the Reason Refills yet.

We can also give you the rights to moderate your own forum. 8-)

PS, if the list gets big, you can always collapse the Support Section. :ugeek: