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Greetings to all the crew who is either using Reason or any other Propellerheads product or just is somehow involved to it. Also big greetings to all the people who are developing Reason and the other technologies related to the music making. It has been a long journey and a blast to see how Reason and all the other music making tools have been grown and evolved over all these years. All the hard work that has been put into this all, have made our dreams coming very close to a perfection. We have all visioned up lots of ideas to make these tools come better year after year. And we can keep doing so, as we all want our dream-tools to be as good as possible.

I sometimes think, that what kind of tools there are on the other planets and what kind of planets have something as cool as Reason. And what kind of a planet has the most closest music formulas compared to the planet earth. We can't know, but at least on the Tellus we are very well covered up by all kinds of instruments and tools to make some noise.

Part of me feels kind of sad.. Can I continue on the music making in the next life as well? Or is this an one time opportunity to do anything? That said, we all want to succeed already in this life, so lets start working fellow Reasoners!

By the way, if a poor craftman-anti doesn't blame his tools, then why don't you all use the windows recorder to make your music with, (hahaha!).

The Long Story Short::
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